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Google Makes New YouTube Channel Creation Easier For Those With Multiple Channels

Google announced a new small but helpful feature for YouTube today. Now when you go to create a new channel, you’ll have the option to have it connected with a Google+ Page. This makes it easier for channel creators that already have other channels.

As YouTube software engineer Brett Hobbs explains, “Previously, every channel you created needed to have its own Google account login. If you’re a creator that manages many channels, you might even have a spreadsheet to organize the various email addresses and passwords you use to log in to your channels.”

“We made a significant improvement to the multiple channel management experience recently when we launched the option to connect your existing channels with a Google+ page,” he notes. “Google+ page connected channels have enhanced channel management features that allow you to manage up to 50 channels with a single login, and multiple individuals can manage your channel with their own logins.”

Now with the new feature, things are just easier right from the start.

Of course this also means that those who go to create YouTube channels for the first time will be encouraged to use a Google+ page, and that can’t hurt for Google+ usage.

To create a new channel connected to a new Google+ Page, sign in, go to youtube.com/channel_switcher, and click Create New Channel. Then, provide a name for the channel and a Google+ page.

To create a new channel connected to an existing Google+ page, sign in to a Google account that’s a manager or owner of the page, then go to the channel switcher page, and click the name and avatar of the Google+ page.


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