Is Narendra Modi the worst Prime Minister of India?

Since Narendra Modi was elected India's Prime Minister in 2014, his policies have had a significant impact on the country. In the past five years, he has implemented a number of economic and social reforms that have had a major impact on India's development. In this blog section, we will examine the impact that Narendra Modi's policies have had on India's economy and society.

One of the most significant changes that Narendra Modi has implemented is the Goods and Services Tax (GST). This new tax system is intended to simplify India's tax system and make it easier for businesses to pay taxes. The GST has had a mixed reaction, with some praising it for its simplicity and others arguing that it has increased the burden of taxation on small businesses.

Another major reform implemented by Narendra Modi is the Make in India initiative. This is an effort to encourage businesses to manufacture in India and create jobs. While this initiative has been successful in creating jobs, it has also been criticized for its lack of focus on creating quality jobs.

Narendra Modi has also taken steps to reduce corruption in India. He has implemented a number of measures to reduce bribery and increase transparency in government. While these measures have had some success, there is still much work to be done in this area.

Finally, Narendra Modi has implemented a number of social reforms, such as the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, which is an effort to improve sanitation and hygiene in India. This has had a positive impact on India's public health and has also been praised for its efforts to improve the lives of the poor.

Overall, there is no denying that Narendra Modi has had a major impact on India's economy and society. However, it is impossible to say whether he is the worst Prime Minister of India without taking into account the long-term effects of his policies.

Since Narendra Modi assumed office as India's Prime Minister in 2014, he has received both praise and criticism for his performance. India is the world's largest democracy, and the future of its citizens is at stake. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the performance of India's Prime Minister objectively.

The successes of Narendra Modi can be seen in his efforts to reduce tax evasion and increase transparency in government. His government has also focused on job creation and infrastructure projects, and has made strides in improving India's international relations. Modi's government has also addressed issues such as climate change, water scarcity, and air pollution.

That being said, there have also been some failures under Modi's leadership. His government has been criticized for its handling of the economy, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act. In addition, Modi has been accused of ignoring the needs of minorities and curtailing freedom of speech and expression.

Ultimately, it is up to the people of India to decide if Narendra Modi is the worst Prime Minister in Indian history. However, it is clear that his performance has been mixed, and that he has been both successful and unsuccessful in certain areas.

Arvind Chakraborty

Arvind Chakraborty

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