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Satellite channel for women launched

channel for womenSaudi women have many expectations from the first Saudi women’s satellite channel, according to Riyaz bin Kamal Najam, president of the General Authority for Audio and Visual Media.

The channel was formally launched Thursday.

Najam said that they are expecting the channel will be good medium to showcase Saudi culture and traditions with wide range of topics including intellectual, scientific, cultural, political, social, psychological, economic, technical, administrative, educational, medical and other areas related to women’s lives.

“I am very pleased that I am part of such an initiative of a satellite channel for Saudi women,” Najam said. “This probably will be the basis to establish a channel that will help in removing some stereotypes about Saudi women, and will serve the women’s sector in the best way according to our traditions and culture.”

The channel will serve as a platform for Saudi women to showcase their talent and capabilities but also help clear misconceptions about Arab women. Sheikh Yusuf bin Awad Al-Ahmadi said the channel will bring the attention of the world toward the problems of women in general and Saudi women in particular.

The channel will help present the true image of a Muslim women and at the same time help them in education, culture and social responsibilities, Al-Ahmadi said.

“The objective of the channel is to highlight the skills, traditions, culture, education, Islamic thought and problems facing Arab women in general and Saudi women in particular,” Al-Ahmadi said. “The channel will fully conform to Islamic law and help raise awareness levels among women.

Saud A. Al Sheikh, general manager at the Ministry of Culture and Information Makkah Branch, said: “I am very happy to be part of the launching ceremony of the first women’s satellite channel in Jeddah.”

“We are in need of such channel for women and their related issues to discuss and find solutions, a channel with entertainment, education, culture and women’s issues,” he said.

The channel will also project a positive image of the country. The channel will hire experts and professionals to ensure that the best is brought out of Saudi women.

Businesswoman Aisha Natto said she expects the channel to focus on jobs, education and social problems. “We want the channel to focus on the problems facing working women in the society locally,” Natto said. “We want to listen to the voice of local women and their issues and problems related to Saudi women and their obstacles, and their solutions.”
Nila Attar, an economic consultant and social activist, said she expects the channel will reach an international audience and be watched worldwide, and will give the right view and image of Saudi women and cover all the sectors of society related to women.

(Courtesy – Arab News)


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