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RED Express Promotes Business through Social Media

New Delhi. “RED Express is sharing, celebrating and running a lot of promotions on its different social media channels”

RED Express believes in modernizing the techniques and giving transparency at every step. RED Express believes in providing an open and honest environment to its employees and customers. RED Express has a workplace with a high morale and motivation that empowers its employees to give their 100% in the service.

As the whole world has become a global village with the help of these social media platforms, everything is just a click away and it has inspired RED Express a lot. RED Express gives a lot of importance to all these platforms and uses them extensively as information tools and to promote its services and offers.

A lot of videos are made related to our business. Videos related to delivery, booking and network are made. All these videos are put on our YouTube channel, to be shared with all the employees and customers. It enables everyone to learn from them. RED Express has a full team dedicated for making these videos, to provide an amazing experience.

RED Express animation team also makes many animated videos on RED Express own characters with a message in it. Videos on online booking, tracking, summer promotion, gifts distribution have also been uploaded. This shows our total transparent culture and our modern approach towards everything.

Facebook is also an important media for promotions; as it appeals the mass. RED Express also does a lot of promotions on Facebook. All the information related to our services, newly launched locations, new offers and promotions is uploaded on RED Express Facebook Page. We run regular promotions for the liker’s also i.e. 800th liker,900th liker and so on.

RED Express uses other social media platforms also such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest. We post regularly on these platforms. RED Express doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned and want to reach each and every customer through these platforms.

Promotions: RED Express is coming up with a special offer on the occasion of Independence Day. All the shipments booked on 14th August, 2013 will be delivered free of cost.


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