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Uttarakhand government uses moneypower to keep media under its influence

tihri_2009Thousands of people perished in the disaster that struck Uttarakhand. However , media is reporting only one hundred and fifty deaths. After short intervals of time a few are getting added to the list. Slowly and gradually the focus is being shifted to the rising water levels of Yamuna in Delhi. The actual danger and possible impact in Delhi is much lesser in comparison to the huge catastrophe in Uttarakhand. If this trend continues Uttarakhand will be overtaken by Delhi in a few days.

The inside story is that there is a conscious manipulation to focus on the destruction of temples, roads,statues,houses vehicles, mountain tracks etc.and to keep the news of human deaths on a lower pitch.

Abhishek Sinha has reported in ‘Lokjan Today’ (published from Uttarakhand) that the state government, instead of focussing on relief and restoration work in the area, is releasing big money to the local t.v.channels in the form of ‘advertisements’ so that they don’t report the actual number of people who have died. It has worked and the local channels have sealed their lips and are dancing to the tune of the state government. This is really unethical. Taking cue from the local channels even the national channels are also towing the same line. They are looking at Uttarakahand govt. as an immediate buisness client in the present circumstances.

This is a classic example of how people make a fast buck even on piles of dead bodies and grieving people. Morality has gone for a toss. Media has been managed by sheer money power. It is a big shame that the actual true numbers of the dead people is being hidden and wrong numbers are being portrayed to the public.But the public is smart and is realising that there is something wrong going on.The wrongdoers better watch out.
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