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Paylessscales.com Launches New Website

Chino, California, United States. (Press Release) — Paylessscales.com has always had the best interest of their customers at heart. So once a company already offers a great selection of products at a great price, what more can it do for the customers? Give them a better buying experience. And so the new Paylessscales.com site for online retail of digital scales such as floor scales, pallet jack scales, drum scales from Digiweigh and other leading manufacturers is designed with the visitor in mind.

The site has all the information a prospective customer will need to make an informed decision for the purchase of a high quality scale such as a digital floor scale. The key though is there is no additional content that only serves to distract the customer and make the buying experience less than perfect. So the buyers can base their decision on facts presented simply without any distractions as they take in the essential information.

Since Paylessscales.com offers a wide range of digital scales it is necessary to have a website that is lucid and easy to navigate which is what the redone website is about. Other than a few banners that highlight products and special offers the site is noise free and the visitor can browse the content presented in uncluttered, easy to view pages.

At the same time, for those interested in detailed information about the products or services there is a lot of information available. And for further queries, visitor’s always have to option of reaching out with a phone call or an email. The famous Paylessscales.com support service is always happy to answer questions about the products and services.

With the new redone website Paylessscales.com has reinforced its commitment to offering best in class end to end solutions for weight measurement needs of businesses big and small.

About Paylessscales.com

Paylessscales.com is a Chino, CA, USA based company retailing scales from leading manufacturers including AND Weighing, CAS Scales, DigiWeigh and Ohaus. They are also the authorized repair center for DigiWeigh scales. They offer offer a wide range of weighing scales for diverse needs at your home or business, from bathroom scales to crane scales and everything in between.


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