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UTV Bindass asked to run apology scroll for objectionable episodes

The Broadcasting Content Complaints Council has ordered UTV Bindass Channel to run a large font apology scroll every two hours for four days from 12 noon of July 15 to July 18. The channel has also been issued a warning for airing explicit content in two episodes of the programme, Emotional Atyachar Season —3, telecast on June 25, 2011 and July 2, 2011. The objectionable episodes can never be run on the channel on future.

The reality show was modelled in a way where a person conducts “loyalty test” on his or her partner with the help of crew members of the channel who try to entrap the person whose loyalty is suspected. Both the controversial episodes featured explicitly sexual conversations with the operative words beeped out in a way when they were clearly audible.

“The portrayal of incidents shown in the programme and the dialogues are rather vulgar and indecent. The visuals and dialogues are clearly unsuitable for children and for unrestricted public exhibition. The episodes in question were found to have been discussing sex openly during prime time. The Council feels that serious issues of privacy are also involved in the present issue,” BCCC noted in a first of its kind order on Wednesday.

The Council found the episodes violative of not only the self regulatory content guidelines of the Indian Broadcasting Foundation but also the Constitution.

Courtesy - Indian Express


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