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Haier’s ‘Global Slogan Contest’ Sees India Chapter Winner from Patna

Haier, one of the largest Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics brand globally, on June 1, 2013, had officially launched the “Power of Words” Global Slogan Contest. The contest’s India chapter was won by Mr. Prasad Basu. Mr. Basu is a resident of Patna, the capital city of the East-Indian state of Bihar. The slogan with which he shot to fame is, “excellence is a journey and not a destination.” Mr. Basu was ecstatic over his win and said, “As I firmly believe that Haier Appliances, the brand itself stands for excellence, and ‘excellence is a journey and not a destination’. I genuinely believe that excellence is not achieved through one act of brilliance. It is an ongoing journey which goes on till the time you exist.”

Mr. Prasad Basu works as a DGM in the Sales and Marketing Department in Cement Manufacturing Company Ltd. He lives with his mother, his wife who is a homemaker and his 6-year old daughter. He is a sports buff and loves watching cricket and football, especially the Spanish league.

According to Haier China Headquarters, each region (China, Asia-Pacific, Europe/Middle East/Africa, and the Americas) will select one regional Slogan Ambassador based on the number of “Likes” they receive for their slogans. The four lucky winners will enjoy an all-expense paid trip to enchanting Qingdao, China this summer and will attend an upcoming Haier international forum. While in Qingdao, the four Ambassadors will share their experiences via online platforms in an attempt to garner the most “Likes” from netizens all over the world. The grand prize winner will be crowned the Haier Slogan Global Ambassador and receive a set of Haier home appliances.

Haier believes a corporate slogan is the heart of external communications. In another attempt of Haier of being inspired by their users, they have tried to crowd-source the corporate slogan. The initiative has been well-received by people all over the world as stats say that the number of entries crossed 3 million within a month of the beginning of this initiative.

Speaking on the announcement, Mr. Eric Braganza, President, Haier India said, “It is indeed my pleasure to have declared Mr. Basu the winner of the contest’s India chapter and I sincerely hope that he gets all the support on the social-media platform which can win him the much celebrated chance to visit Qingdao. He is a multi-faceted man and I sincerely hope he does well in the following stages of the contest.”


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