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Biggest 1 Day Organic Loot only at Organicshop.in; Avail upto 58% Off

Organic Shop, India’s fastest growing organic e-commerce portal will offer the biggest discounts on 7500 certified organics from national and international brands just for 24 hours on 18th December. Highest discount will go upto 58% and cash discount worth Rs 1960. Moreover, 11 lucky shoppers will also stand a chance to win Organic gift cards upto Rs 10,000. The promotion is called – Organic Loot and claims that such competitive prices are lowest ever offered for organics and natural products in the country.

The Organic Loot which marks its first edition on 18th December is the ultimate sale for organics in India that will debunk the greatest excuse for people to not switch to organics- cost. To solve this dilemma, Organic Shop has introduced The Organic Loot that will offer organics at rock bottom, extremely affordable prices that have never been offered ever before by any organic player or an e-commerce portal. There are almost 7500 SKUs from 70 organic, natural and bio national and international brands.

“Organic Loot is a game-changer for our customers looking for affordable organics. For those looking for a varied range of organic solutions for their everyday living yet on the edge, the organic Loot is a great opportunity to make the big switch. For sellers, this is a great opportunity to reach out to the price-sensitive segment of the consumer while maintaining the quality and the stock. We are trying to cut off the most common justification for not switching to organics- price and we believe that this sale must drive good attention towards the underlying message.” said Ritika Kapoor, Head- Marketing & Corporate Communications, Organicshop.in.

This offer allows consumers to get better deals that they might have been offered earlier on everything that’s organic. The highest discount goes upto 58% which is on health and wellness supplements. Organics, for the first time, are priced starting Rs 16 and the highest cash discount goes uptill Rs 1960.

On every organic on our website, there will remain discount of atleast 20% which is the lowest that will be offered. For the ease of the customers, there is also a section called [email protected] that enlists all the products together that are Rs 99 and less. This is introduced primarily so as the customers could quickly browse through products based upon the prices.

For further details about The Organic Loot, log on to http://organicshop.in/


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