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India is a tolerant nation: Adnan Sami

NEW DELHI: Famous singer Adnan Sami while speaking at “Agenda Aaj Tak” conclave on Saturday said famous Pakistani ‘ghazal’ singer Ghulam Ali should be allowed to perform in India. He also said India was a “tolerant” nation and he has been living here if ample proof of it.

“He is a singer, he should be allowed (to come to India and perform). Music does not have any religion or nationality…Everyone should have the freedom to come and sing,” he said when asked about the controversy.

Asked whether intolerance has increased in India, Mr. Sami said: “I have taken Indian citizenship, which makes everything very clear. I love India…It is my ‘karmbhoomi’ (place of work).” The famous singer also said cricket between India and Pakistan should be allowed to happen and that relations between the two nations should improve.


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