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Sunny Deol to launch his son next year

NEW DELHI: Actor Sunny Deol while speaking at “Agenda Aaj Tak” conclaveon Saturday said both his sons want to pursue acting as career and he would launch his son next year. He also said for his father, Dharmendra, was the greatest actor.

“My both sons – Karan and Rajveer — want to act. I will launch my son next year and I will direct his movie. To be an actor’s son makes life tougher for a person (in Bollywood),” he said. Mr. Deol also said for him his father Dharmendra was the greatest actor and if someone mimics him inappropriately, it makes him angry.

About his future plans, he said he was making sequel of his hit movie ‘Ghayal”. “When we did the movie we did not knew that it would be a superhit movie. So we decided to make its sequel…The character of Ajay Mehra (lead of the movie) has been made relevant for today,” he said. In the movie, Sunny had given famous dialogue (Dhai kilo ka haath…).

He also said there was mad race in India to be No.1 in every field and all sorts of measures are adopted to attain it. Similarly, awards were not given for real reasons. “My father did not get many awards, but he still rules the heart of the people,” he added. On his joining politics, he said his father had joined politics, but he has no clue about politics and therefore has no plans to join it.


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